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Real Life in Rezembool, Amestris - The Sheep Shearing Festival!

Welcome to Rezembool!Collapse )

[OOC: Feel free to get a worldhop and join in the festivities!]

Am I thankful or am I sad?
[Winry is sitting on a bed, wearing her nightclothes. Before you get any ideas, they're more like men's nightclothes than anything sexy; long sleeves, long trousers, button up front. They're in a pretty shade of peach though, and look satiny. The bed has a metal frame, and the walls behind Winry are painted an awful shade of hospital mint green, and it's obvious she's not at home from the spartan furnishings. She looks tired, maybe a bit wistful, but she's still smiling.]

I forgot I had some pictures stashed in my toolbox until I was trying to find my 3/16ths socket wrench today! I thought some of you might want to see them.

Cut for images.Collapse )

Do any of you have any pictures of your family? It's nice to look at them when you haven't seen them for a while. It's not as good as being with them, but they can remind you of good times, I think.

[ooc: Still semi-hiatusing, but couldn't resist this when the opportunity presented itself.]

OOC - Sex Faces Meme. (Because it looked like too much fun...?)
Does 'under here' sound too naughty?Collapse )

The female versionCollapse )

[Text from Winry's Journal]
Can't help but worry
[Locked]Collapse )

There are so many places I want to go! I want to visit Mr. Crocker, and Mr. Palazzo, and Gellert. And go back to Kurt and Blaine's world, especially to the Warblers sing at Regionals. I hope I didn't miss that. And Mr. Scott's ship, I want to see all my friends!

I need to complete my work on my automail for Mr. Stark's Expo, too, and make Matt's pie. There's so much to do and see and so little time...


What if Ed and Al don't make it home from the Promised Day? What if they do what they're supposed to do, and the country's still destroyed? We've all lost so much since we were little kids. I don't want to lose them.

I don't know if I can stand losing them.


curiouser and curiouser
[Have a Winry, community, who's rummaging around in a closet.]

Okay, I'm guessing it's a virus, because why else would Ed, Mr. Crocker and Charlotte be younger and Ferb be older? Maybe it's a good thing the community didn't do anything to me.

[She pulls out a black, hooded sweatshirt and studies it, tossing it toward the camera.] So, who else is affected?

[Locked to Alphonse Elric/Mr. Hohenheim/Naoto Shirogane]

Ed's in a bad place right now. He's been taken back to the time after...I'd forgotten how bad he looked.

Al, I need to know you're okay!


RL with Edward Elric ~ Happy Birthday, Ed!
Baking Al's Pie
Winry is dressed in comfortable warm clothing, a bag slung over her shoulder. She is waiting downstairs for Ed, with plans to take him out for his birthday. Not about to mention anything about Naoto's idea for a birthday party, Winry just wants to take Ed away from everything for a little while.

She's arranged with Naoto to have a driver for the day, though if they decide to spend the night in Inaba, they'll take a cab back to the Shirogane mansion the next morning. Mostly, she wants to wander around, and maybe not think about Hohenheim, or Naoto and Mr. Greed, or what was going to happen on the Promised Day.

"Come on, Ed!" Winry wanted to get started - she was starting to get hungry, and lunch sounded really good.

IC Christmas gifts
Thinky thoughts
If Winry has spoken to you in the past, you're probably getting at least cookies. She really likes this gift-giving thing.Collapse )

I think that's everyone....

RL with Edward Elric
Trying my best here
[Shortly after this post.]

Winry leaves her bedroom and doesn't quite run to the library, but she's striding really fast. She hopes she won't see Naoto on the way, though it wouldn't surprise her - any of the current residents of the mansion might stop her and ask about Ed, and Mr. Greed, and Winry really didn't want to talk to Mr. Hohenheim or Al or Naoto about any of this. Not until Ed and she had talked, at least.

...and maybe not even then.

Closing the library door behind her, Winry wishes there was a key in the door to lock it. Well, maybe Ed wouldn't think to run? Or maybe she wouldn't. With a soft whine, she starts through the stacks, looking for Ed. He'd probably be holed up near a window, but also somewhere warm. "Ed?" She squeaked.

Well, he'd never hear that.

"Edward! Where are you?"

truly happy smile
[Winry and Naoto have been shopping for clothes for Naoto's Christmas party, as well as Winry's upcoming date with Edward on Christmas eve. Winry is now standing in her bedroom at the Shirogane mansion in Japan. Her room is unusually strewn with clothes. There is a large stuffed creature sitting on the bed, and at least four different dresses scattered around the room.]

Karen told me I should actually post something on purpose, so I am!

I was hoping someone could help me with this problem I have. I've never been to a Christmas party before. We don't have them in my world. And Naoto and I found some dresses that I could wear to the party. I really like this one. [Winry holds up an Asian inspired outfit.] But there's this dress, too! [And she holds up a flapper-style dress.] And this one! [She moves to show another dress.]

There are just so many choices! But I guess, because it's sooner, is this the type of dress I could wear on a date? [Picking up a dress from the bed, Winry holds it up in front of herself.]

[Have a video of Winry in what looks to be a chef's kitchen. Part of the workspace is currently being used by Winry to build pies. Three empty pie shells are on the counter, as well as various fruits. A ball of raw dough is also on the counter, surrounded by flour. There are some pint boxes of fruit, ready to be prepared for the pies. A couple of measuring cups and spoons, as well as apple peels, round out the picture.]

I can't believe I forgot Merlin's birthday!

[Winry scowls as she slices apples into a steel bowl, then adds some sugar, cinnamon, and some ground ginger. She pours the apple mixture into one of the shells, using a spatula to spread them out evenly. When the apples fill the pie pan, nearly to overflowing, Winry takes some of the extra dough, rolls it out evenly and lay it over the top of the apples. Her expression lightens as she cuts slits into the crust. She sets it aside and starts washing the peaches in one of the boxes.]