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truly happy smile
[Winry's got a huge smile on her face.]

Happy birthday, Harry!

I have some cookies for you, and some books I thought you'd like.

Let me know when I can get them to you, okay?

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Heeeh, it's that kid's birthday, huh? He didn't say nothin'.

Maybe he couldn't, since the community's been up and down lately.

Oh, is it his birthday? I'd like to wish him a happy one too! When you see him, could you tell him I said so?

I'd be happy to let him know for you, Hermione!

You knew it was my birthday? Thank you.

Well, the community told me, when it wasn't down. I wasn't sure...if your family would do anything for you, and I wanted to.

I can bring the cookies and books to you, just let me know when it's safe!

It's safe now. They've been completely ignoring me ever since Hagrid threatened them and gave Dudley a tail and I suppose they expect strange things to happen now so it'd be fine.

Great! Where do you want me to meet you?

Anywhere! I bet you could even walk in the front door.

Really? Okay! I'll do that, then!

[OMG, that icon. It took me a few minutes to realize that's Harry on the Hogwarts Express; I thought it was Harry in a blood-soaked room.]

Great! I can't wait!

[ fhighrigh LMAO oh my god what?? blood soaked room? I would be way too scared to use that icon if I had one like that ]

I'll be right there!

[Want to real life?]

[OOC: I'd find it highly ironic and amusing, myself, but...I'm sort of sick and twisted individual, according to my friends.]


[ Sure~ :D ]

[ooc: Sick and twisted = awesome in my head. I'm imagining this R-Rated version of Harry Potter ]

[Worldhops are relatively easy to get, especially for birthday occasions, and Winry is soon on Privett Drive, knocking on the door to the Dursleys' house. She has noticed the owls lurking about, and thinks that's kind of strange, but that's more because she's not accustomed to seeing owls in the daylight, not being pestered by birds.

The door is opened by Petunia Dursley, who stares down her nose at Winry, bearing wrapped presents and a large plate of cookies.]

Hi! I'm here to see Harry.

[Before Petunia can act, she's gently pushed her way past the other woman, glancing around, trying to figure out where Harry might be. And, because she really doesn't like Harry's relatives, Winry doesn't feel any desire to be polite to them, as she does most people.]

Harry Potter! It's Winry! Happy birthday!

[ He's running down the stairs, practically jumping off the last couple of steps with an overly excited smile ] Winry!

[ There is so much joy here. He's having the best week ever. And now Winry was here actually celebrating his birthday. Harry gave his aunt a glance and opened his mouth to introduce Winry--- though it's a futile thing to do considering everyone else in the house was pretending he didn't exist this month. A turn of the heel and no more aunt in the room. She wants no part of his magic visitors, he supposes. ]

... [ All well. ANYWAY He's back to beaming at Winry ] You actually got presents?

Presents, and cookies! [She's totally beaming back.]

Which do you want first?

Whichever you'd want to give first.

Presents, then!

[Winry hands over a wrapped box, which is...heavy, since she's found books she thought Harry might like, a little metal owl that looks like Hedwig, and a blank journal, because she's used to alchemists, who have to write everything down.]

[ Heaaaaaavy. He couldn't hold it and had to sit down to open it. He looks extremely excited when he does ]

T-these are wonderful. Are you sure I can have these? Thank you so much. [ Harry got up rather quickly and embraced her ]

[She hugs Harry back, laughing.]

Of course they're yours! I hope you can take them with you to school.

[Winry didn't exactly trust the Dursleys to not mess with Harry's things while he was gone.]

Oh! Hermione told me to tell you happy birthday, in case she didn't see you.

I don't see why I wouldn't be able to.

[ He didn't exactly trust them either. ]

She did? I'll have to find her on the community and thank her later.

Good! If you can't take them with you, though, I can store them at home for you. I wouldn't want anything to happen to them.

[Good thing there isn't a Dursley in a eyesight.]

I know she'd like that.

[And then.]

Do you want your cookies now?

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