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Sidelong look
Are we able to talk to each other again? If so, hi!

So, how is everyone? Did anything bad happen while the communication devices weren't working?

[Locked to Greed]

Mr. Greed, tell Edward he needs to come home. He needs to be prepped for his surgery. It's very important he has that surgery. There are metal bits inside his body that could poison him. They need to come out, the sooner the better.


[Locked to Edward Elric]

Ed, you need to come home. Your's important to get the metal out of your body! It can make you sick, now that you don't have automail.

So come home, so we can take care of it, okay?


[Locked to Alphonse Elric and Naoto Shirogane]

Ed needs surgery to remove the metal from his body, since he doesn't have automail any more. It needs to come out soon. If you see or talk to him, send him to me, all right?



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I don't need surgery, I'm fine.

You're not fine, Ed. Or you won't be!

I am fine. Don't worry about it. Just leave it in.

Winry! Hello. Same old. But slightly better now that I can speak to you again. [small smile]

How have you been?

Mr. Crocker! I'm okay. [But she's frowning just a bit as she says it, because she's worried about Ed.]

How about you? Are you all right?

That's a strange thing to say while you're frowning. Is Ed still bothering you?

The usual. But I'm slightly better being able to talk to you again.
I've been keeping myself busy... I didn't see you at the beach party.

None of them were working? Is that what it was?

It could be! It's happened before.

I'm sorry, I don't think we've met. I'm Winry Rockbell.

I haven't met much of anyone. I'm Albert... de Morcerf.

Have you been able to use this for long?

He had metal in him before when he had the automail.

And it was all interconnected, so nothing would leak. Now it's not, and it could poison Ed.

I'll try to talk to him.

Good luck, he's being stubborn!

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