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Real Life with Edward Elric
Getting Angry
Winry rubbed her new bandana off her head as she walked through the house, stretching her arms over her head. She'd gotten a couple of pieces of work done to send off to Rush Valley for Mr. Garfiel, and, as Granny had already started dinner with Naoto's help, Winry thought she could take a breather.

Still hot from being in her coveralls so long, Winry unzipped them and tied the arms around her waist. A darker patch on her zip-up bra showed she'd been sweating, and Winry hoped she didn't stink.

Pushing out onto the porch, she stopped at the sight of Ed, sprawled on the porch swing, one foot dangling off, his stomach bare and showing a massive scar, his mouth open and a bit of drool starting to spill out of it.


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"Huh?" Ed let out a small snore as he sucked in a breath and opened an eye.

"Whaddyou wan'?" Ed slurred sleepily.

"What are you doing?" No, wait, he'd just say he was sleeping. "Why are you sleeping?"

Naps, in and of themselves, weren't bad things, but...

"Right before dinner?"

Edward shrugged a bit. "Seemed like the thing to do this afternoon."

"What about weeding the garden? I know Granny wanted someone to get eggs, did you do that?" Winry planted her hands on her hips, glaring at Ed.

He made a face. "Well she didn't ask me to do that, or I would have."

"Ed, you know we all have chores to do." Winry folded her arms. "Did you do anything today but sleep and sit with Al?"

"Well...I might've walked the dog."

"Den doesn't need to be walked!"

"Sure she does! We walked down to the tree and back. It was hard work!"

"It was not hard work, Ed! Den doesn't need to be walked because she goes wherever she wants! Work is gathering eggs, or weeding the garden, or going into town for some groceries or the mail or something!" Winry jabbed a finger at him.

Edward sighed heavily and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Alright, fine, what can I do for you?"

"You can get up and do something to help out! There're are always things that need to be done, Ed, you know that." Winry pulled a face. "You're not going to just lie around forever, are you?" And then, answering her question, "You need a new project! You haven't not been researching something since you were six!"

"I hear normal people call this vacation." Ed groused.

"Fine. I will go fill my days with menial chores." Edward rolled his eyes.

"Not...menial! You need to do something. You're stagnating." Winry wrinkled her nose.

"I was just taking a nap!"

"Hmph!" Winry put her foot on the edge of the swing and pushed it.

"Fine, I won't nap anymore. Honestly!" Ed exhaled in annoyance.

Winry sighed, folding her arms. "You can have naps," she said. "I'm just not used to seeing you like this! You a...a lump!"

"I am not a lump, you take that back!" Ed flailed a little.

"Lump, lump, lump!" Winry singsonged, jumping out of range of Ed's flailing.

"Oh Winry what is your point?"

Ed asked, exasperated, and a little lazy.

"It's not right, you just lying around!"

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