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curiouser and curiouser
[Winry is sitting at a table, in front of the camera lens of her device. She has a notepad, and a drafting pencil, and looks a bit confused. She raises her head and stares into the lens.]

Community, can you tell me some places to go for a honeymoon? And why we might want to go there?

[Locked from Alphonse Elric/Locked to the Elric family, including Naoto, Roze, Eris Wasmeyer and Greed]

Al's birthday is coming up. I know he's not too well, but there should be something we can do for him. Any ideas?


[Locked to Rider]

Mr. Rider! Your bull chariot did get home safely, didn't it? Thank you for letting me take them out; Ed and I had a great time!


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