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Call Rush Valley 759
Girl at Work
This is Garfiel Atelier, Winry speaking! If you need to speak to Mr. Garfiel, I can take a message.

If you need to talk to me, you'd better not be Edward Elric in need of a rush job on your automail.

And if you're Yao Ling, no, I'm not going to marry you.

Boys are stupid
bite meme

Am I thankful or am I sad?
It's 3 October, and it's the anniversary of the day Ed and Al burned down their house. I still remember standing there, feeling the heat like a fist battering against me. I could barely breathe from how hot it was. I was crying, because I knew that Ed and Al were leaving to go on their quest, and because this was really the end of our lives together.

We've all changed so much since that day. I hope I think I know for the better.

I hope things just keep getting better. Ed and Al deserve it.

[OOC: strike throughs written in and erased.]

curiouser and curiouser
[Winry is sitting at a table, in front of the camera lens of her device. She has a notepad, and a drafting pencil, and looks a bit confused. She raises her head and stares into the lens.]

Community, can you tell me some places to go for a honeymoon? And why we might want to go there?

[Locked from Alphonse Elric/Locked to the Elric family, including Naoto, Roze, Eris Wasmeyer and Greed]

Al's birthday is coming up. I know he's not too well, but there should be something we can do for him. Any ideas?


[Locked to Rider]

Mr. Rider! Your bull chariot did get home safely, didn't it? Thank you for letting me take them out; Ed and I had a great time!


Hipster Meme
curiouser and curiouser
Hipster memeCollapse )

truly happy smile
[Winry's got a huge smile on her face.]

Happy birthday, Harry!

I have some cookies for you, and some books I thought you'd like.

Let me know when I can get them to you, okay?

Sidelong look
Are we able to talk to each other again? If so, hi!

So, how is everyone? Did anything bad happen while the communication devices weren't working?

[Locked to Greed]

Mr. Greed, tell Edward he needs to come home. He needs to be prepped for his surgery. It's very important he has that surgery. There are metal bits inside his body that could poison him. They need to come out, the sooner the better.


[Locked to Edward Elric]

Ed, you need to come home. Your surgery...it's important to get the metal out of your body! It can make you sick, now that you don't have automail.

So come home, so we can take care of it, okay?


[Locked to Alphonse Elric and Naoto Shirogane]

Ed needs surgery to remove the metal from his body, since he doesn't have automail any more. It needs to come out soon. If you see or talk to him, send him to me, all right?



Trying my best here
[The video opens in what looks to be a hospital church chapel. The view swings and Winry's face comes into tight focus. She looks...perturbed.]

Um, hi, everyone.

[A pause.]

Has anyone seen Edward Elric?

Real Life with Edward Elric
Getting Angry
Winry rubbed her new bandana off her head as she walked through the house, stretching her arms over her head. She'd gotten a couple of pieces of work done to send off to Rush Valley for Mr. Garfiel, and, as Granny had already started dinner with Naoto's help, Winry thought she could take a breather.

Still hot from being in her coveralls so long, Winry unzipped them and tied the arms around her waist. A darker patch on her zip-up bra showed she'd been sweating, and Winry hoped she didn't stink.

Pushing out onto the porch, she stopped at the sight of Ed, sprawled on the porch swing, one foot dangling off, his stomach bare and showing a massive scar, his mouth open and a bit of drool starting to spill out of it.


I have questions
[The video is of Winry, sitting on wooden steps. If you know what her house looks like, you can tell she's on her porch. A black and white dog is sleeping behind her, her right leg made of jointed metal.]

Hi, everyone!

I guess everyone's heard by now, or saw, that Ed asked me to marry him and I said yes.

[A slight blush, but she goes on.]

In Rezembool, we don't really do anything fancy; the couple and their family and friends build a bonfire, and the couple jumps over it together. Then they sign their names in the registry and they're married. I guess things are different in Central City, but that's the capital!

So tell me what a wedding is like in your world.