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Trying my best here
[The video opens in what looks to be a hospital church chapel. The view swings and Winry's face comes into tight focus. She looks...perturbed.]

Um, hi, everyone.

[A pause.]

Has anyone seen Edward Elric?

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No, why? Is he all right?

I don't know. I haven't seen him since Al woke up.

[Grumble.] He's good at getting into trouble.

Sure. Short kid, yellow eyes, blonde hair, usually braided, has that funky little thing sticking up.

[Hmm, it's you.]

I meant like within the past day, Mr. Greed. He's vanished.

He just posted here the other day, not lookin' so good 'cause of bein' shackled to his brother. But Armor-kun's okay now, so he's probably better too, right? No reason to worry about it.

He hasn't been eating or sleeping since Al stopped breathing.

[See? She always worries about him.]

So he probably ran off to a bar, stuffed himself, and passed out somewhere to make up for lost time. He's a big boy who can take care of himself.

...When he ain't freakin' out over his brother.

So, just focus on takin' care of Armor-kun and he'll come home when he feels like it. Probably.


That's a curious question. I thought you said he was with you.

... He's not with you anymore that's why you're asking, isn't it? I believe it is.

I haven't seen him since Al woke up from his coma. I don't think he's here in the hospital any more.

Vanished from the hospital!

This man...I will let you know if I see him.

You don't have to look too far, Kurt. Mr. Greed has him, and got him drunk.

Why on earth did he do that?

I haven't seen him since he left your room.

I told him to go... I just wanted him to sleep.

[Ed sounds a little off.]

Win? You're lookin' for me?

[He's slurring just a little.]

Ed? Are you all right?

[Well she can have a little giggle.]

I'm good...real good.

[Well, you don't sound like you've been in a fight?]

How good, Ed? Where are you?

I'm good...

[He sounds like he's smiling.]

I'm jus' hanging out...drinking some really good stuff.

[Winry smiles back at the 'I'm good'...but it slides away at Ed's 'drinking some really good stuff'. Because Ed kind of sounds like Granny when she's been hanging out at the tavern for a late night poker game.]

Are you drunk, Ed?

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