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I have questions
[The video is of Winry, sitting on wooden steps. If you know what her house looks like, you can tell she's on her porch. A black and white dog is sleeping behind her, her right leg made of jointed metal.]

Hi, everyone!

I guess everyone's heard by now, or saw, that Ed asked me to marry him and I said yes.

[A slight blush, but she goes on.]

In Rezembool, we don't really do anything fancy; the couple and their family and friends build a bonfire, and the couple jumps over it together. Then they sign their names in the registry and they're married. I guess things are different in Central City, but that's the capital!

So tell me what a wedding is like in your world.

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I don't think that's ever happened!

Ever, in the history of weddings?

In the history of Rezembool. I don't know about any weddings anywhere else in Amestris, except I don't think they jump the fire in Central City.

Wait. WHAT? When the heck did this happen? So, soon?!

Ah! No, Mr. Crocker, we're not getting married immediately. I'm just curious!

And thank you.

Congratulations! If you're happy.

As for weddings, they can be whatever the couple want, I believe. I haven't gone that far into learning about such things.

Yes! Very happy, Gellert. Even if we're not going to get married soon.

I'm just curious about weddings in other worlds. What are the differences?

I've heard some wizards like to have them as a ceremony in a garden, an exchange of vows. The settings can change. It can be simpler or more fancy. There isn't really a set pattern here.

Winry...we have to plan this together. I don't want to be stuck doing stuff I don't want to. Kurt said he'd help.

I agree! I don't want to do anything one of us wouldn't like.

I'm just curious about how they do things in other places.

Yeah but I think certain other people are going to cut us out of the planning.

Western style weddings are becoming more popular these days; in smaller towns like this, though, things are kept pretty simple and intimate. Vows at the temple, incense, submit the name change to the family registers, and drinking... These kinds of things are probably universal. They're parts of the Western style weddings, too.

Thank you!

What sort of vows, though?

Love, fidelity, that kind of thing. Well, that is what weddings are all about.

A wedding! That's so great, congratulations!

I think you guys should jump the fire, and then do something larger for everyone else.

You could do it in stages, and the biggest event can be the one you guys get to leave early from. That way you won't have to deal with a huge crowd.

Oh! Congratulations, miss. I suppose it depends upon if one would like a traditional or Eastern wedding. In either case, family gathers and there is a ceremony, though no bonfires take place.

Thank you!

What is the difference between a traditional or Eastern wedding?

...that was western rather than eastern. I need to learn my directions ._.''

Oh, well, traditionally the wedding takes place in a shrine and the bride and groom wear traditional clothing. The priests marries them before the gods and their parents; it can be quite private, depending upon the couple. A Western wedding is much larger: the bride wears a white dress and the man a suit and they exchange their vows before everyone they know. After either, though, there is the reception where ones friends and family gather to celebrate. It can be quite the lively party.

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